Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wall Paper Stripping

Our entire home is covered in wall paper, and most of it is not the easy to peel paper kind but the type that is fabric with a thick layer of glue and backing on it, so it's really difficult to take down.

We had no experience with removing wallpaper before, but I think we're pro's now.
The products that we have found very helpful are:
2. Scrapers like this one
3. Paint scrapers/spackle or putty knife
First we scored the walls using a wallpaper scorer. Second we steamed the paper to make it looser and easier to pull off. (We tried DIF, but didn't find it to be helpful, but we've heard others who used it and had much success) The extra holes allowed the steam to get through to the glue/backing layer and loosen some of it up. Then we used the scrapers to get under the paper as much as we could, and pulled off as much as possible.
Once the top layer was off we went back and steamed off the baking and layer of glue.
We were lucky enough to get 2 walls that came off in 2 big sheets just by pulling on the loose edges:

This is just one of the many posts to come on home repair and home rennovations!


  1. Wohoo! That's a lot of painting! I'm responding back about your question on blog awards. I think it's all about people finding you.

    I've met alot of mommy bloggers and when someone sends them an award, they will pass it on to 2-15 different bloggers and every once in a while they think of me. :) I've had a lot of repeat awards so I only post the new ones. When I get a new one that's appropriate, I'll try to send one your way. :)

    It kind of snowballs from their because when they list you on their site, other people find you, and award you and the cycle repeats. Mostly I think it's a way to say "I like you" and keep blog traffic moving. I'm sure you'll see some awards soon.